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Abstract Horizon


Coming Home to your Magical Self


Do you have a puzzling dream that sticks in your mind?

Wondering why you have a recurring dream?

Want to improve your dream recall?

Interested in exploring what your dreams are telling you?

Scientific studies of dreaming has demonstrated that we all dream, whether we remember them or not. But even if we remember some of our dreams we may think they are not important or significant, or that they are confusing, absurd and make no sense. And so we dismiss them.

In fact, our dreams are speaking to us of the deepest expression of who we are.  All we need to do is approach them with curiosity and seek to learn their language - the language of symbol and metaphor - a language that is specifically tailored to your own unique being. 


Our Western culture's devaluation of dreaming robs us of a connection to a deep source of wisdom within us - a wisdom that reconnects us to our own nature and the world around us. The starting point for dreamwork is to believe that our dreams are of value.

Remembering our dreams is an artform that can be cultivated and practised. Once we remember them, we can develop a relationship with their symbols and stories, which helps us integrate their messages into our lives. 

I have found that working with dreams brings  great satisfaction, understanding, and a feeling of richness to my life. Some of the dreamwork processes I have worked with are dream councils, EFT, guided visualisations, creative pursuits and connection to nature.


We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.”​


C G Jung


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