Sharon is an EFT International accredited Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner.

EFTi accreditation ensures that member Trainers and Practitioners are meeting EFTi certification standards and competencies.


EFTi ccredited membership is provided only for Certified and Advanced Certified practitioners trained by EFTi accredited Certified Master Trainers. 

EFTi is a voluntary, not-for-profit, UK Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered charity number 1176538. 

EFTi is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skillful, creative and ethical application of EFT.





I do what I say I do. I do not over promise. I am open, honest, and account for my actions. I am ethical and always strive to do the right thing for my clients.



I always deal with people with respect, honesty and compassion and treat them without prejudice. I strive to promote human welfare consistently and reliably.



I am committed to high-quality professional and safe standards.



I keep all client information provided to me confidential.  Individuals are entitled to access to and correction of their personal information held by me.


  • My role is to help clients find their way to their own solutions, and therefore, advice is rarely given;

  • I reserve the right to refuse to work with someone without disclosing the reason;

  • Once I have accepted a client I will provide them the best attention and services I can;

  • I aspire to provide the same quality of service to all, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability;

  • I provide a physically and psychologically safe and private consultation space.  This includes ensuring our conversations will not be overheard by others. If at any time a client informs me that the feel unsafe in any way I will make every effort to rectify the situation;

  • Clients leaving a session will be kept separate from those arriving;

  • I will work online with a client if I consider it safe. At the start of an online session I will check with the client if his or her location is private;

  • The client has the right to bring a supportive person to be present during the consultation. The support person is there primarily as an observer and must agree not to interject in the session unless they feel the situation is becoming unsafe for the client;

  • If a client is seeking help with symptoms that are prolonged or potentially life-threatening or which I feel are cause for concern, I will enquire whether the client has consulted a medical practitioner and, if they have not, to advise them to do so. I will record this in the client notes;

  • If after beginning work together I find a client to need a level of expertise beyond that which I am competent or able to offer them I will immediately inform the client and offer to refer them to someone who has the required level of expertise;

  • If a client expresses doubts about their current medication, or reports side-effects or other issues that concern them and/or myself, I will advise the client to discuss this with their qualified medical adviser. I will record this in the client notes.




As a certified accredited professional member of EFT International:

  • I keep up to date with developments in the energy psychology field related to current research, developments and understanding of EFT;

  • I meet all current EFT International Annual CPD and Mentoring Requirements and act on developmental points identified through mentorship;

  • I keep up to date with changes in EFTi regulations;

  • I actively promote my own wellbeing so as to be able to provide a competent, stable and caring service to my clients;

  • I work only within my areas of competence and refer on where necessary, managing that process to minimise disruption or hurt to the client;

  • I hold professional indemnity insurance that is valid for the countries I work in;

  • Upon request I will show the client my relevant professional qualification documents;

  • I respect other medical and health care professionals.




I do not currently work with children or vulnerable adults​



  • I keep confidential anything the client tells me unless they reveal something which gives me cause to believe that they are a danger to themselves or others.  In this case I will contact their GP or support person.  I will inform the client of this before working with them for the first time;

  • I will inform clients before the first session that I may wish to discuss information about them with my Mentor.  If I do discuss the client’s case with my Mentor I will not reveal their identity;

  • I will keep their notes of client sessions secure. This means paper records are in a locked filing cabinet and digital ones password protected and not including any information that could disclose the client’s identity;

  • Clients have a right to access any information or notes I hold about them and request changes to the information;

  • I will keep records of sessions for 7 years, after which they will be securely destroyed. Notes of consultations with children will be kept until the client is at least 25;

  • I may request permission to record a client session for the purpose of training/mentoring/case study reporting.   If so, I will obtain their written permission, and provide a written guarantee the recording will be destroyed once it has been used for the designated purpose



  • I will not cross appropriate boundaries between myself and the client to exploit them emotionally, sexually, financially, or in any other way;

  • I will not touch any client in any way that may be open to misinterpretation. In EFT work, the client is invited to follow along tapping with me, whilst I tap on myself.  Any variation from this will be fully explained to the client, and informed consent gained.


  • To turn up for sessions at the agreed time

  • To give me at least 24 hours’ notice of a change or cancellation

  • To pay me the agreed fee either before the session or within 24 hours of completion




  • My hour rate is advertised on my website.

  • I expect that the client will pay this either before or immediately upon conclusion of our session.

  • Discounts for purchasing a group of sessions must be paid in advance.

  • Late payment will incur a penalty fee of 10% per month outstanding.



  • If a client feels concerned about any aspect of my ethics and/or conduct they can confidentially make a complaint to EFT International via their “Contact” page:


  • EFT International will inform the client of the outcome of their investigation into the complaint, and any action they have taken or required me to take.


Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

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