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My Code of Conduct

Updated: July 2023

Guiding Principles


I do what I say I do. I do not over promise. I am open, honest, and account for my actions. I am ethical and always strive to do the right thing for my clients.


I always deal with people with respect, honesty and compassion and treat them without prejudice. I strive to promote human welfare consistently and reliably.


I am committed to high-quality professional and safe standards.


I keep all client information provided to me confidential.  Individuals are entitled to access and request correction of their personal information held by me.

How I Work

  • My role is to help clients find their way to their own solutions, and therefore, advice is rarely given;

  • I reserve the right to refuse to work with someone without disclosing the reason;

  • Once I have accepted a client I will provide them the best attention and services I can;

  • I aspire to provide the same quality of service to all, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or vaccination status;

  • I provide a physically and psychologically safe and private consultation space.  This includes ensuring our conversations will not be overheard by others. If at any time a client informs me that the feel unsafe in any way I will make every effort to rectify the situation;

  • Clients leaving a session will be kept separate from those arriving;

  • I will work online with a client if I consider it safe. At the start of an online session I will check with the client if his or her location is private;

  • The client has the right to bring a supportive person to be present during the consultation. The support person is there primarily as an observer and must agree not to interject in the session unless they feel the situation is becoming unsafe for the client;

  • If a client is seeking help with symptoms that are prolonged or potentially life-threatening or which I feel are cause for concern, I will enquire whether the client has consulted a medical practitioner and, if they have not, I will advise them to do so. I will record this in the client notes;

  • If after beginning work together I find that a client needs a level of expertise beyond that which I am competent or able to offer them I will immediately inform the client and offer to refer them to someone who has the required level of expertise;

  • If a client expresses doubts about their current medication, or reports side-effects or other issues that concern them and/or myself, I will advise the client to discuss this with their qualified medical adviser. I will record this in the client notes.

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