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Barley Fields

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.   I’ll meet you there

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Many aspects of our lifestyle separate us from the natural world: busy work and study schedules, more and more time spent on screens, artificial lighting immunising us from the natural daily cycle of the sun. Human usage of nature has compromised the life support systems and ecosystems of countless species and is posing an ever growing threat to human health and survival.  


Yet despite this disconnection, nature is all around us - in the sky, in the plants that pop up through the cracks in the pavement, in our indoor plants, our animal companions.  To begin to heal we must lift our heads and pay attention, and reconnect with our allies in nature.

Ecotherapy focuses on healing the dysfunctional relationship between humans and nature. It looks beyond how we can merely 'use' nature to feel better (taking our daily vitamin N to avoid Nature Deficit Disorder), and moves us towards a reciprocal circle of healing that tends to the needs of both humans and the rest of nature. A crucial step is to acknowledge that what happens to the rest of nature happens to us - and vice versa.  The seeming 'other' whose presence brings healing is as worthy of care and tending as we are ourselves. As the boundary between self and 'nature' begins to dissolve we return to respectful relationship, and move towards regenerative ways of living that are sustainable for future generations.

In making this reconnection we can experience healing within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances that impact our quality of life.

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An ecotherapy session with me involves:

  • meeting in a mutually agreed and safe outdoor environment

  • having in mind an intention - eg healing an emotional issue / problem resolution / gaining insight / anchoring an intention or goal

  • mindfulness - venturing forth with an attitude of openness, kindness, curiosity

  • taking a humble approach, viewing the elements of the natural environment as equals rather than inanimate servants, slaves or tools

  • slowing down - taking time to "listen" to the nature being or feature that has drawn our attention

  • seeing how the natural world mirrors our experience, supports us, or resonates with how we are feeling. Seeing ourselves as nature sees us - free from human ideas and judgments of who or how we should be

  • often asking permission and/or expressing gratitude - for example with gifts (eg offering water, a song, a dance, a creative activity), reverence, reciprocal service

  • I combine Ecotherapy with other aspects of my work as appropriate

We are not separate from nature, we are nature itself, and we are very much in this together                         Casper ter Kuile
Ecotherapy Booking
Fern frond, Ecotherapy, bush healing, nature

Photo by Bryn Parish on Unsplash

Ecotherapy one-on-one session

In person
Normally we would work inside or online for at least one or two sessions before venturing into nature


We​ will meet at a mutually agreed outdoor environment, preferably not busy and/or not where we are likely to meet people we know. For example my property, Te Puna Quarry Park, I'Anson Reserve, Minden Scenic Reserve, a coastal location.


My normal hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Contact me by email or phone 027 414 1080 to find out what times I have available.

60 minute ecotherapy session                  $85

Block of 3 sessions paid in advance       $240  (saving of $15)

Block of 10 sessions paid in advance     $750  (saving of $100)

The cost of my travel time to and from

the location                                                 $45 per hour

Although you are welcome to book a one-off session, I recommend at least three weekly or fortnightly appointments initially in order to get more deeply into addressing your problem.

"I am still amazed at the sessions we had.  I am deeply grateful for the experience. You have really mastered these techniques and come from a place of deep caring and love. I noticed a real difference in my ability to deal with the stresses in my life.  I'm sure that a definite shift / transformation has occurred in me.  I continue to be very impressed with the work you do and know that it has made a difference in my life.  Thank you so much Sharon."

Christine, Tauranga NZ

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