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How to do EFT Tapping


A quick summary of

How to Tap

  1. Take a breath and spend a moment getting in touch with what is troubling you. This might be a thought, an emotion, a physical sensation or a memory. Make a note of how intense it feels. You can rate the intensity out of 10 if you wish, or maybe use an image or a metaphor (eg a big tangled can of worms).

  2. Tap on the Side of Hand point (see diagrams below for location of the points) and say a Setup Statement, which has two important parts:  a description of the problem, and a self-affirming statement. For example "Even though I feel [anxious about .......],  I accept that’s how I’m feeling right now". Repeat 2 more times.

  3. Tap about 7 times on each of the head and torso points (for points that are on both the left and the right you can tap on one or the other, or both at the same time) while keeping your attention on the discomfort. It can help to say a reminder phrase at each point, eg "this anxiety" or “this stabbing pain in my right temple”. (In the image you can see that I have covered my fingers with a tissue - you can do this if you are worried about transferring pathogens to your eyes/mouth/nose).

  4. Once you have tapped through the points pause, take a breath and let it go, then rate the intensity of the original discomfort or image.  Has it gone down? Up? Has the image changed in some way (eg “there are less worms now”).

  5. If the intensity is still high, repeat the setup process, saying “Even though I have some remaining [problem] I accept that’s how I’m feeling”.

  6.  Repeat steps 3 – 5 until the distress level is as close to zero as possible.

  7. Often when we tap the intensity down something else comes to the fore.  Just observe and rate/measure this new aspect, then repeat the entire process.

EFT Face Points.JPG
EFT Torso Points.JPG

Stealth Tapping – AKA the Finger Points

EFT Hand Points.JPG

The finger points are not always used in an EFT session with a practitioner, however they are great for everyday situations, as you can stimulate them without drawing attention to yourself. That’s why practitioners like to call this Stealth Tapping. The finger points are located on the base of the nails, as shown in the diagram.

​There are several ways to stimulate the finger points:

  • Tapping on each finger point with one or two fingers of the other hand

  • Squeezing the base of the nail with two fingers of the opposite hand.  Breathe in while squeezing, and release as you breathe out. This has the advantage of easily accessing the ring finger point, which is on the opposite side of the finger to the other points

  • Tapping the points with the fingers and thumb of the same hand.  This technique is probably best understood by watching my video demonstration.  This is a great one to use while you are out walking. If you have a problem in your mind, go outside for a walk while tapping the finger points. You can include a setup statement, or simply continuously tap the points. I do this all the time, and people don’t even notice. You might be surprised what solutions come up when you do this.

  • During handwashing (particularly useful at the time of the Covid19 pandemic) - you can say a Setup Statement while rubbing soap on the Side of Hand point of each hand, then a reminder phrase as you wash the fingers and squeeze on the fingerpoints, as in this video by Nancy Forrester.

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