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"I am still amazed at the sessions we had.  I am deeply grateful for the experience. You have really mastered these techniques and come from a place of deep caring and love. I noticed a real difference in my ability to deal with the stresses in my life.  I'm sure that a definite shift / transformation has occurred in me.  I continue to be very impressed with the work you do and know that it has made a difference in my life.  Thank you so much Sharon."

Christine, Tauranga NZ

Kymberley, Tauranga NZ

"I thought your facilitation was excellent. I liked that you kept it light with touches of humour. The odd tilt of your head put emphasis in the right places. You used my own words and added some better fuller ones at times that enhanced the process. I felt safe and held throughout and given that I had just had a momentous 10 days your timing and pace was spot on. Well done. I am happy to highly recommend your work to others.  I watched and tracked my feelings and reactions for Thursday and Friday. I had a flash of anger about something that just as quickly flashed away. Interesting. Like I could not catch or hold it at all. Very fast, there then gone. No stewing or chewing. Nice!"

Therese, Tauranga NZ

We walked the dog this evening which was a good opportunity to have the conversation with my husband that was the focus of our EFT session today. It was a bit awkward at first, though I did not feel criticised as I had feared.  Quickly it became easier and more open and sharing. My husband thanked me for making it happen. Now I thank you, Sharon, for your part in that.

Mary, Nelson NZ

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