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  • If tapping is so easy to learn, why do I need to see a practitioner?"
    The EFT tapping process is indeed very simple and easy to learn, and great benefit can be achieved by tapping daily, as advocated by psychologist Steve Wells (EFT Downunder). However, there are additional benefits of working with a Certified Practitioner who is trained to:​ ask questions that quickly bring focus to the core of the issue you are working with help you safely cope with strong emotions that may arise during tapping, supporting you to work through them at a pace that is safe and comfortable for you be alert to language, breath, expression, posture etc , noticing things that may not be in your conscious awareness but may be directly related to what you are working on develop rapport while remaining emotionally detached during tapping, so they are able to effectively help you process what comes up during your session manage the tapping experience – calibrating the technique to your needs in each moment guide you to see an issue from different perspectives than you would if working alone thoroughly test results, exploring and clearing all aspects of an issue I am very excited to offer professionally guided EFT to bring effective relief for whatever it is that is troubling you, and to support you to become more of who you truly want to be.
  • How is EFT different from seeing a counsellor or psychologist?
    While some mental health professionals may incorporate EFT into their practice, many EFT practitioners are not registered psychologists or counsellors. Sharon Parker is an EFT practitioner, not a psychologist or counsellor. ​ Talking about what is troubling you is often a significant element of your EFT session. However, EFT differs from conventional talk therapy in that talking is not the primary focus – it is merely a way of finding aspects of an issue that require rebalancing. EFT can work even if the practitioner does not know the story behind your problem! It will work as long as you know what it is you are experiencing and are able to observe yourself and how your experience is changing. The Practitioner is trained to guide you safely through this process. The first step of EFT is to accept the way you are feeling. Then you tap through the points while keeping your attention on that feeling. You notice any changes/new thoughts/insights etc., and then accept and tap on those. Tapping is easy to perform, and may be used as a form of self-administered therapy. Because of its simplicity it has been mimicked and extended by many healing practitioners throughout the world. Since it was released it has helped many thousands of people achieve relief from a wide variety of physical and emotional disorders. Numerous websites based on EFT are in use by millions worldwide. If you want to know more about the original form of EFT, the in-depth process is given free in Gary’s Gold Standard Official EFT Tapping Tutorial on his website.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Very occasionally an issue can be resolved in one session – you can read about many such cases on the internet – but this is not the norm. Several sessions are often needed, depending on the complexity of the issue. ​ I generally recommend at least three sessions, to be able to properly explore what it is you wish to resolve and clear the different aspects contributing to the problem. In between sessions you may notice changes in your life, or new aspects may emerge that you can bring to the next session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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