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Hi. I'm Sharon Parker, an EFT International  Accredited Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner, and a nature lover.

Our bodies are part of nature.  We are all intimately connected to and dependent on the web of life. Yet our dominant cultural paradigm has been to separate humans from nature and use the abundance of our planet to meet or own needs without acknowledging our interconnectedness. I believe this is why we are now facing a multitude of environmental crises - global warming, accelerating rates of species extinction, plastic pollution in our oceans, toxic discharges into our waterways, loss of rainforests.

At this time when we are more connected than ever by the internet, ironically more and more of us are feeling disconnected, isolated and lonely.  I believe that at the root of this estrangement is our disconnection from nature, and that many of our problems arise from and are deeply affected by this disconnection.  Not only do we need to rebalance our bodies, but we need to rebalance our connections – to community, to place, to nature.  If we allow it, if we slow down and stay present with the nature that is all around us, we can find healing.

I live near Tauranga and am available for appointments in person or over the internet


Working with natural cycles is one way of restoring our connections.  Everything in nature is cyclical:  our heartbeat, our breath, day and night, the phases of the moon, the seasons, the cycle of life.  Everything is oscillating in its own rhythm or pattern, and this oscillation has a healing character of its own.  Tapping on acupressure points is an oscillation that we consciously work with in EFT.

I  work with you through EFT and other body energy techniques, through nature and through natural cycles, to help you reconnect with your true nature, your inner community, and in doing so to reconnect to your outer community in all of its facets.  I want to walk beside you in your journey home, to the place within where you belong, and so to your belonging and connection to your community – to people, to nature, to place.

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"I am still amazed at the sessions we had.  I am deeply grateful for the experience. Sharon has really mastered these techniques and comes from a place of deep caring and love." Christine


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