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Release emotional and physical pain so you can live life the way you want to


Are you tired of the same old patterns repeating in your life? Do you feel in a rut, down, anxious, doubt yourself or experience other negative emotions? Or maybe you want to improve your performance or reach an elusive goal. I invite you to come on an adventure with me to explore the mystery within you and discover the magic we can do together.  I can guide you safely into the messy, tangled, vaguely sensed and dark places where you find it difficult to go, and help clear out some of the mess so that you feel freer to live life as your soul desires.

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I have a free gift for  you:


Guided by Sharon Parker

My Clients Say

Sharon, thank you so much for the healing event. I really enjoyed it. Tapping is so fascinating to me and it really helps to release those old beliefs. I absolutely loved what you were tracking/intuiting during the last part of the healing - Beethoven and the symphony of color music. It made me smile and that smile brought a sense of joy and helped release the old muck.  You are an amazing healer and I am grateful we crossed paths!


oregon, usa
"I feel so blessed to have had sessions with Sharon, she is an amazing Practitioner using her wonderful intuition and skills to enable me to zero into the core of what is going on and address it seemingly so simply. Sharon asks great questions and has a way of knowing which of her many tools is just right for that moment.  You are a gift Sharon, keep doing what you do for more people."



"Sharon was able to help me relax, help me feel safe and comfortable, and go directly to the issues that I was having so it really assisted me with moving forward with things I need to let go of and just move into a new space. I’m really eternally grateful for Sharon. She has a lot of gifts that most people just don’t have. I recommend her. 5 stars!"



"I have found the sessions with Sharon to be such a deep and transformational experience that brings clarity and healing.  Thank you so much Sharon for holding space for my growth."



"I am so grateful for my Esoteric Hypnosis sessions with Sharon. This is a very deep and profoundly transforming process that opens doors to rewrite my past, present and future. Sharon is a wonderful gentle and efficient guide during these sessions.  Thank you Sharon."




Everyone comes with different problems, needs and preferences and I have some effective tools to help you work in the way that suits you. 

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, works to rewire the brain to bring body, mind and emotions back into balance.  It does this by combining elements of Chinese meridian therapy, mindfulness, modern psychology and applied kinesiology to help free us from troubling thoughts and emotions.



Healing and therapy through connecting with nature. Together we immerse into the healing power of nature to deepen understanding of your issue and to seek insights and resolution through coming into relationship with the natural world.

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When the soul speaks, the world is changed.

- Michael Owen
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