Emotional Freedom Techniques For a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life

Hi. I'm Sharon Parker, an EFT International  Accredited Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner.


I can help you with:

·                 Stress

·                 Anxiety/depression

·                 Low self-esteem/ feeling unworthy

·                 Loneliness, feeling disconnected

·                 Fears, phobias and addictions

·                 Negative emotions

·                 Eating issues/weight loss

·                 Physical pain/discomfort


There is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of EFT to help with these issues.

As a sensitive, naturally introverted person I have experienced my fair share of stress, anxiety, fear and feelings of unworthiness. For much of my childhood I wanted to make myself small, un-noticed, not be a bother to anyone, and just look after myself because I was never sure if anybody else would.  I became dysfunctionally independent, constantly worried about what others thought of me, and very focused on conforming to the values of our dominant culture: intellectual achievement, doing outwardly productive things, and behaving according to the “rules” (which were often difficult to figure out!).   It was a boon for me to discover EFT, which has led me along a body-and-emotion-focussed healing path through a range of lifelong difficulties and problems. I have seen similar results for the people I work with.


Getting my head out of the way and tapping into the power of my body to heal itself has enhanced my awareness of and work with the healing power of nature. 


Humans are part of nature  

We are intimately connected to and dependent on the web of life. Yet at this time when we are more connected than ever by the internet, ironically more and more of us are feeling disconnected, isolated and lonely.  Meanwhile there is a myriad of looming environmental crises. Connecting with our innermost self, with our families, our communities and our environment go hand in hand in our healing process. And in  healing ourselves, by connection we also heal our relationships and our environment. EFT is a great tool for helping us on our path to wholeness.

I live near Tauranga and am available for in-person or online appointments

My Services

EFT Consultation

  • In person at my home near Tauranga, over the internet or by phone

  • Simple booking process

  • Discounts for 3 and 10 session blocks

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"I am still amazed at the sessions we had.  I am deeply grateful for the experience. Sharon has really mastered these techniques and comes from a place of deep caring and love." Christine