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Esoteric Hypnosis Training Academy®
Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

  1. I hold the welfare of clients central to my work and so commit to avoiding harm.

  2. I endeavour to establish trust with my clients and the community in which I work. I conduct myself at all times in accord with my professional status, in a respectful, professional, and ethical manner.

  3. I work in ways that promote client autonomy and well-being and that maintain respect and dignity for the client.

  4. I am aware of my own judgements based on my own experiences. This means showing respect for diversity of persons, without prejudice.

  5. I work with integrity and self-responsibility.  I work to be as honest, truthful, and accurate as possible. I ensure that I am in a good state health when working with clients.

  6. I respect the status of all other medical/healthcare professionals and the boundaries of their professional remits.

  7. I provide a service to clients in areas in which I am trained and competent to do so and will not work outside my scope of practice.

  8. I remain aware of my own limitations and wherever appropriate, am prepared to refer a client to another practitioner or medical adviser who might offer suitable support/treatment.

  9. I maintain strict confidentiality within the client relationship, always provided that such confidentiality is neither inconsistent with my own safety or the safety of the client.

  10. When obtaining a client’s personal data I am clear on how this information will be used. I inform clients that they have the right to access, change or delete their personal information at any time.

  11. I ensure that client notes and records are kept secure and confidential. I protect my clients’ information from unauthorised disclosure.  Paper records are kept locked away safely. Computer records are password protected and have a backup procedure. Clients have the right to request a copy of their records.

  12. Unless otherwise requested by the client I keep client records for at least 7 years from the date of the last session. In the case of a minor, I keep records until they are at least 25. I dispose of records by shredding or burning them safely.

  13. I provide services in the context of professional business arrangements and establish fees and payment arrangements in a way that is clearly understood by clients.

  14. I ensure that all advertising, no matter in what form or medium it is placed represents a truthful, honest and accurate picture of myself.

  15. I display only valid qualifications and certificates issued in respect of relevant training courses and accreditation as issued or awarded by relevant professional bodies.

  16. I ensure that the premises where hypnotherapy takes place and all facilities offered to clients are safe, hygienic and appropriate for the service provided.

  17. I do not offer any guarantee as to the effectiveness or outcome of any treatment.

  18. I provide clients with informed consent at the outset of hypnotherapy.

  19. I do not cross the boundaries appropriate to the therapeutic relationship. This includes, but is not limited to: having sexual relationships with or behaving sexually towards clients, or exploiting them emotionally, financially or in any other way whatsoever.

  20. I do not touch the client in any way that may be open to misinterpretation. Touch always requires a request and explanation and permission to be granted from the client.

  21. I ensure if the client is a child under the age of 16, another person is always present. This may be someone with parental responsibility.

  22. I ensure that wherever a client is seeking assistance for the relief of physical or mental symptoms, that unless having already done so, the client is advised to consult a registered medical practitioner.  I do not attempt to diagnose physical or mental symptoms.

  23. I abide by the Statutes, legal rules and regulations and common laws applicable to my place of practice.

  24. I endeavour to professionally and respectfully manage and resolve any client complaints, ideally to the satisfaction of the client.

Scope of Practice

  1. I am not obliged or required to accept every person who comes to me as a client. I operate within the parameters of my individual skillset which is defined by the training that I have successfully undertaken and the knowledge I have gained.

  2. The following are out of my scope of hypnotherapy  practice:

  • psychologically labelled disorders

  • suicidal depression

  1. I do not diagnose or offer to provide independent hypnotherapy for a condition believed to be or described as a phobia, physical addiction or psychological dependency upon drugs, pain or other significant physical symptom that has not been medically evaluated.

  2. If I choose to work with those who have medically diagnosed conditions I will only do so in cooperation and agreement with doctors and qualified health professionals.

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