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Oil Massage

Healers' Retreat
Sharda Retreat Centre
May 3 - 5 2024
Bodywork Options

We are fortunate to have two local therapists available to visit Sharda Retreat Centre and bring their healing gifts to us. This is on a payment basis which you will agree with them at the time of booking.

You cannot book directly through their website booking systems as

Debz and Ally are coming to us outside of their normal hours. See below for more information and to book a session.


Debra Hood - Massage/Bowen Therapy

Debra offers a range of services including relaxation, deep tissue, rehabilitation and hot stone massages, face cranial therapy, reflexology and Bowen therapy. Combined with beautifully handcrafted balms and oils, scented candles and eyepillows, Debra's treatments focus on the whole of the body to promote health and wellbeing.

Available Saturday 10:30am - 5pm and Sunday 9am - 2pm

Cranio Balance.png

Cranio Balance with Ally Andrew

 Cranio is a great way to remember the luxury of relaxing deeply. This enables your brain to calm & assists your body to resume it's natural processing & healing. It is a gentle & profound healing of both physical & emotional traumas, held in the body. 

Clients usually say - Wow, that is the most relaxed I've felt in Soo long, as if I melted into the table. They also feel energised, as it takes a lot of energy to hold onto old injuries. 

Available 9am - 5pm Saturday

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