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Healers' Retreat
Sharda Retreat Centre
May 3 - 5 2024


A rejuvenating gathering of healers in a beautiful natural environment where we share ideas, pampering, and learning.

Hosted by Sharon Parker


**  Registrations for this event are now closed  **

This is a healing practitioners' / bodyworkers' / spiritual business owners' retreat for receiving.  Therapists and healers are good at giving, but we can sometimes be poor receivers.  This is a weekend about givers gathering to receive from each other, be inspired by each other, and to be held and pampered in a quiet and rejuvenating space in the natural environment of Sharda Retreat Centre, just south of Auckland New Zealand.  There will be an emphasis on community, mindfulness, receiving and refueling.  We are fortunate to have a craniosacral therapist and a massage therapist onsite over the weekend.  This will be at your own cost, and for you to arrange directly with them.  Find out about them and their contact details here. The bush offers a beautiful healing sanctuary, there will be space for spontaneous activities that arise through our interactions, and on the Saturday evening we will unite our energies in Dances of Universal Peace.

Here is the programme:


Friday evening  

  • 4pm - 6:15pm 📝 Arrival and registration

  • 6.30pm ⭐ Opening ceremony

  • 7:30pm 😋 Celebration Feast

  • 8:30pm ⭐ Sharon Parker - Coming into Resonance



  • 6:30am - 7am  Sunrise energy routine and self-led meditation 

  • 7am - 8:30am 😋 Breakfast - self-service as people awake

  • 9am - 10:30am ⭐ Kymberley Carter-Paige - A Hypnotherapy Experience, Resilience and Connection to Childhood Trauma

  • 10:30am 😋 Morning tea

  • 11:00am - 12:30pm ⭐ Hannah McQuilkan - Forest Bathing

  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm 😋 Lunch

  • 2pm - 3:30pm ⭐ Jessica Dawson - Angelic Reiki and Light Language

  • 3:30pm 😋 Afternoon tea

  • 4pm - 5:30pm Sacred silence (20 minutes) followed by share your favourite..... (poem, song, oracle deck  ?....)

  • 6:15pm - 7:15pm 😋Dinner

  • 7:30pm - 9pm ⭐ Aliah - Dances of Universal Peace (donation to facilitator)



  • 6:30am - 7am Sunrise energy routine and self-led meditation 

  • 7am - 8:30am 😋 Breakfast - self-service as people awake

  • 9am - 10:30am ⭐ Mel Auld/Sharon Parker - Ecotherapy Miniquest

  • 10:30am 😋 Morning tea

  • 11:00am - 12:30pm ⭐ Networking circle, followed by free time/spontaneous offerings

  • 12:30pm -1:30pm 😋 Lunch

  • 2pm - 3pm ⭐ Closing ceremony and farewell


The sessions will be interspersed with plenty of free time to relax, chat, walk in the bush, receive a massage etc. Meals will be vegetarian, lunches and dinners catered and breakfast self-service. A small amount of collaborative work will be needed to set up, tidy away and get the dishes done. We will each do our own dishes and roster any additional kitchen duties - there is no dishwasher!

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I have a longtime dream of fostering a gathering of conscious and caring beings in a collaborative healing setting, and I am thrilled  that it is finally happening. I warmly welcome each one of you and know that we will have a magical time together that will rejuvenate our spirits and bodies and fill our hearts.






Through her training and work as an Advanced EFT Tapping practitioner Sharon has helped her clients come into better balance in their relationships, improve self-esteem, release problematic emotions, ameliorate health problems and physical pain, improve their sports performance, and reduce food cravings.


She is also evolving as a multifaceted healer, guiding individuals on their path to self-discovery through energy healing, somatic mindfulness, ceremony, nature therapy and dreamwork. She is a heart-led facilitator, offering a safe container for inner exploration and growth.


Sharon loves to help individuals uncover the innate and unique beauty that resides within. She takes her clients on a transformative expedition to reclaim and nurture the essence of their true selves, and in so doing, fosters harmony with the world around us.

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