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The Power of Coming Home

Woman Picking Organic Vegetables

Dancing with your Shadow

New Moon in Matariki gathering

3pm - 7pm,  25 July 2020

What parts of you do you not see, not want to see, not welcome? What parts do you feel are not seen, acknowledged or welcomed by others, even though they long to be?

The new moon and the depths of winter beckon us to slow down, make friends with and nurture the dark, quiet, unknown places within - to allow ourselves to be held and soothed by the Mother - Mother Earth, the Mother within, the Mother who sits by the hearth joyfully awaiting our return.

The depths of the darkness is the time of Matariki festivities  [blurb on Matariki - Lea].

Final paragraph - weaving Matariki and shadow work together

We are nature.

Our bodies are made of this earth, and they will return to the earth after our passing. Every physical thing around us is made from this earth. Our food, our clothing, our homes, even the non-biodegradable plastics that are suffocating our marine life.  Without our earth these things would not exist.

We are not separate from nature, and the acceptance of this truth is the beginning of reconnecting, of coming home, and of the healing of our environmental, emotional and social ills.

Where do I start? What difference can I make? I am only one person, and I don't know what to do. In these wonderings lie the answers. The place to start is right here - within - you have the power to make all the difference to yourself - deep inside, you know where home is. And as you come home you will be showing others that they too can come home.  Let's walk this journey together.


“Instinctively, it was known that if women could gather, creative sparks would fly, and our knowledge, and therefore our power, would return.”​


—  Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

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